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Well... We'll always have Amsterdam: The Top 5 reasons to add Amsterdam to Your Bucket list

The last time I went to Amsterdam it was winter 2019. The food was just okay. The weather was shitty. But the people I met, the friendships that were forged, the memories made, is why Amsterdam will always be a magical place in my heart!

Finally found a throne befitting of my Rock-star status. Only had to go all the way to Amsterdam to find it!

Besides the amazing picture of me on "my throne" aka the Gibson Guitar Throne, there were so many things we had fun doing on our visit to the Netherlands. Below you will find a list of my all time top five faves!

#1: The Heineken Tour

Although in this picture we look like two crazies in the midst of casting a spell and singing praises, I assure you that is NOT what is going on here! We were just quite tipsy and excited after the tour, which was absolutely amazing! You get free drink tickets as you answer questions throughout the tour. (Between Jess, Myself, and Bri, we collected quite a few tickets) Then you get to use them at a kick ass bar/club at the end of your tour. And speaking of the tour, this impressive old factory, where all of the brand’s beer was made until 1988, now houses a state-of-the-art museum which offers an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of the original facilities. You’ll see the gigantic copper tanks where the lager was brewed, enjoy a Heineken tasting session and even test your skills at drafting the perfect beer. A visit to the Heineken Experience typically lasts one and a half hours on average.

#2: The Anne Frank House

One of the most emotional experiences you can have in Amsterdam is a visit to the Anne Frank House. Schoolchildren from around the world read The Diary of Anne Frank, the powerful words penned by Anne herself as she and her family hid in cramped quarters when Amsterdam was occupied by the Nazis during World War II. Today, the building where Anne Frank lived welcomes guests from around the world. In addition to an exceptional museum, you have the chance to walk past the bookcase that masked the door to the annex and see the handful of rooms made famous by Anne’s diary. Some spots, like the place where Anne’s parents marked her height as she grew, may leave you in tears as you consider the attempts made to make life as normal as positive. This is a must see attraction.

#3: The A'dam Lookout

The A’DAM Lookout Tower is short for Amsterdam and Music (and, arguably, Amsterdam itself), a theme that plays out prominently throughout the building. Gibson, the famous guitar manufacturer, has office space there (something Adam, a Gibson guitar and bass collector, gleefully noted), and a large chair constructed of guitars and basses offers a unique selfie spot for tower visitors. Most people visit for the views, though, and for the cost of a ticket you can take a surprisingly fun elevator ride to the top of the building; if you look up you will see a light show that will entertain you during the quick 100-meter climb.

#4: Red Light District

The Red Light District is a famous Amsterdam spot for people curious about the city’s history with prostitution. A walk through the Red Light District after dark will guide you past more than 100 small glass windows with women in seductive poses and clothing. If the red light is on, then the women are available to entertain clients; if the curtain is closed, they are with a client. Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam. The women work as freelance professionals and are part of a union, and although it may be tempting to take photos because prostitution is not always such an open part of the culture elsewhere in the world, it is best to avoid taking pictures.

#5: The People You Meet

I have always said the best part of any trip, any traveling experience, any country, city, continent I visit, is the people that I meet. Amsterdam was no different. Jess introduced Bri and I to her wonderful friends. The 21 year old who confessed his undying love for me that I nicknamed The Rock Star, Bruno, The Jersey boy, Bruno's cousin, the cutie who was so super down to earth. Even though I got super drunk and almost arrested (yes again) they stood by me, calmed me down, put me in a cab and even after i angrily ranted at them for taking care of me and getting me home safely (how rude,LOL) they still invited me back with open arms to hang out and Bri, Jess, and I got even more drunk, played a drinking game and went out and had the time of our lives on the dance floor in the good old streets of Amsterdam. So when you go be sure to create some memories, do some dancing, and above all else meet some people and make new friends. After all that is what really matters in life, having people that make you laugh, and that make you smile, and above all else having people to create memories with, while you laugh and smile and cry together.

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