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I'm not brushing my hair today! And other reasons I'm "sometimes single."

Updated: May 26

I believe the relationship status know as (and totally made up by me) "Sometimes Single" is mostly appreciated and generally experienced by unapologetic, strong, totally vulnerable, independent, no-nonsense women, who do what they want and when they want. No permission necessary, wanted, or needed.

These women I speak of above, are typically intelligent, financially stable, financially independent, and/or both. They and have no NEED to rely on a man, other than for the reasons or terms they set, and they are rarely everyone's cup of tea, which irrefutably makes them just about everyone's shot of whiskey!

The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you that you love, well, that's just fabulous. "

These women are sometimes single and sometimes taken. It truly and utterly depends on the day of the week, and the time of they day you ask them. Ask them of their status at 9:00 am and they may have very well reported being all in, head over heels, wedding bells ringing, IN LOVE, taken, off the market. Because when they love... God do they love hard. You ask that same woman that same question a few hours later, and there is a strong possibility she is newly (five minutes ago newly) SINGLE. Because as effortlesss as they give you their all, they will just as effortlessly take it away. There is also an even stronger possibility that you never get an answer out of her at all, who needs labels anyway? Single? Taken? Married? Separated? Unless their on the inside of a Prada bag, or the back of her Tom Ford blazer, labels are pretty useless to a woman of this caliber.

Can You Relate?

Every woman has a story to tell. Some women simply cannot relate to the ones who dream of children, white picket fences, a husband, a wedding, a wedding cake and a dog for goodness sake (okay, okay, I can get on board with the dog, but that is where I draw the line). Not that there is anything wrong with this story. But I hear routine, and I hear expectations, and I hear myself snooooooring, when this story is told. I'll take the allure of the game called life. Give me the thrill. The excitement of the unknown. But I also am not one to walk away from the contentment to be found in unconditional love, history, and loyalty. I will stay, and sometimes NOT be single for the comfort and ease that comes with not having to brush my hair or be judged for crawling home at inappropriate hours smelling like a brewery from doing vodka shots all night. Not having to be judged for any of the above or put on make up for anyone or for that perfect someone who loves ALL 125 lbs of crazy that comes with loving me.

But these options are interchangeable, the moment I change my mind I can and I will change my status. It takes a very special person (there has only been one in the past nine years) to change my status from single to not single. So depending on what that special someone does or doesn't do to upset me, accompanied by my mood swings and how I feel, more often then not... a woman like me is "Sometimes Single" and sometimes I'm not single at all. I dare you to try and keep up if you can!

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